Mysterion 2003

First Performance in the Core Area of Cosmopolis

by the Master of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies Remarks concerning the Universal Art Project
Mysterion 2003

(Explanations given in my correspondence with
Keith Matthews from the Number Theory Web
at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia .
on the 19th of February, 2003)
Der Zeremonienmeister

Dear Daniel,
I came across your very interesting webpages this morning...
I have inserted links to some of your pages...

By the way, "First Performance in the Core Area of Cosmopolis" sounds a bit weird!
I would separate the links on nuclear physics from your number theory links.

Dear Keith,
I am pleased that you came across my web site.

It aims to feature a series of special topics
at a level as high as possible for me.

The areas are considered deep and difficult
by a great deal of the people in our world:

1. Class Field and Genus Field Theory
2. Computational Number Theory, in particular
Voronoi's Algorithms for Cubic Fields
3. Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity
4. Atomic, Nuclear, and Particle Physics
5. The top area of piano literature:
Skryabin, Chopin, and Beethoven

My web site has different banners for every year.
The fact that I called the current year's main banner
"Mysterion 2003" has three reasons:

1. My home city Graz in Styria is the
"Cultural Capital of Europe in 2003"
However, I do not agree completely with
the activities of my city to certify that award.
O. k., there are some nice ideas such as
open air concerts in beautiful 17th century yards,
but certain other features appear rather flat:

My reaction - my answer - is to contribute
a universal art project "Mysterion 2003" that integrates
cognitive, intellectual areas (such as Math & Physics)
with emotional, affective areas (such as High Level Music).
The third part of the human brain, the senso-motoric part,
according to psychology, is now also included
in the form of advice for practicing piano literature.

2. Alexander Skryabin intended such a universal art project
as early as in 1910 already, and he called it "Mysterion",
but he never succeeded in its completion.
I hope I can contribute a little bit in this direction !

3. I'm still suffering from a trauma since September 11th, 2001:
That day brought to life what I had almost forgotten
or supressed for about ten or twenty years:
Looking to North Korea and Iraq it is more than actual again.

You showed that my definitive intention to sound
"mysterious" and "weird" in my subtitle
"First Performance in the Core Area of Cosmopolis
by the Master of Ceremonies" has succeeded !
It should motivate people to try to figure out
what I could mean with these cryptic words !

I hope you are not angry about my open explanations.
But I am also a human being with feelings
and not only a computing machine or theorem-proof-producing automat !

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