Super Computing Centre 2006

Numerical Data concerning complex and real quadratic number fields
with 3-class groups of type (3,3) and (9,3)
(Results of extensive runs on mainframe computers)
0. Introduction
0.1. Ground State and Excited States
1. Complex Quadratic Base Fields
1.1. Negative Discriminants with 3-Rank Two
2. Real Quadratic Base Fields
2.1. Positive Discriminants with 3-Rank Two
2.2. Unexpected and Surprising Results
2.3. Finite 3-Class Field Towers of Length 2
3. Interactive Computations
3.1. Ludolph's Circle Number in Arbitrary Multiprecision
3.2. Multiprecision Fundamental Unit, Regulator, and Period Length
of a Real Quadratic Order
3.3. Multiprecision Fundamental Units, Regulators, Period Lengths
and Unit Group Indices for a Series of Real Quadratic Orders
3.4. Reducibility Test for a Cubic Polynomial
3.5. Partition Functions via Bit List Operations
3.6. The Class BigInteger and some Non-Standard Operations

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